Live camera based on RTMP protocol

@ Support embedded RTMP protocol 

@ Low code live streaming high-definition video

@ 365x24 industrial-level push flow scheme.  

@ Standard h. 264 compression coding.

@ Only 200kbps live stream code stream. 

@ The narrow screen mode is specially designed for the Internet.

@ Exclusive coding compression technology, delayed only 200ms.

@ Use 5 megapixels without distortion imported high-definition lens.

@ The integrated bracket is convenient to be fixed in tripod.

What we do?

Our Company was set up to focus on at the beginning of video broadcast equipment research and development, production and sales, the company all the shareholders are members have years of experience in live video, the video streaming system implementation is very understanding. Live video system is divided into front-end video transmission system, central forward the streaming media system, client broadcast system, and we are specialized in front-end video acquisition and push equipment company, including live video encoder, the live video cameras and other products. Live video camera using the world's leading development program, code, as well as flow control 720 p / 25 FPS stream about 800 KBPS, very suitable for remote video broadcasting and remote video video monitoring; Our company all video broadcast equipment support embedded RTMP protocol, need on the front end assembly flow software, can be directly to the FMS, RED5, WOWZA centre forward the streaming media system push live video stream, hardware compression is more stable.

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